A Band To Remember

A Band To Remember

A Band To RememberA Band To RememberA Band To Remember

Nancy Lynn Bright

Hank Childers

Mark Nearing

Hoshin Gupta

Dave Lehrman

About Us


Our Story

Nancy Lynn Bright and Hank Childers met at an open-mic in the fall of 2000 at Bentley’s, a coffee house near the University of Arizona. Nancy had just moved to Tucson from the Pacific Northwest and thought it would be a good place to meet other musicians. After sharing a couple of gigs as solo artists, Hank suggested doing a duo. That was the start of a great friendship and long musical union that eventually grew into a dream collaboration with additional bandmates. Mark Nearing and Hoshin Gupta first joined as the rhythm section, and the final addition of David Lehrman on lead guitar rounded out the group. It is an ensemble of varied musical experience and taste, with a common goal of getting it right and having fun.


Who We Are

Nancy Lynn Bright - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Hank Childers - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Mark Nearing - Bass Guitar

Hoshin Gupta - Percussion

Dave Lehrman - Electric, Acoustic and Lap Steel Guitar


Our Influences

Our music draws from rock, blues, country & folk to create a unique sound combining acoustic and electric, with strong vocal harmonies.  We typically do a mix of songs we’ve written and songs we admire.  The lyrics are thoughtful, inspired by our own lives and the lives we’ve met and been moved by along the way.  We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone, young love, old love, the various characters we’ve encountered, and the passions and wonderful craziness of life.  Music is both very serious and great fun, and we bring that approach to our performances.